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60' Self-Propelled Boom Lift

55xa Down

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Our Haulotte 55XA self-propelled boom lift features a 61' working height, 55' platform height and a 33' reach. This lift is equipped with four wheel drive (4WD), lug tires and dual axle crab steering to overcome the limitations of towable lifts because you can drive it around the jobsite from the operator's basket to place the lift exactly where you need it. Combining the extended reach and height of this lift with it's driveability means you can access most any high reach location with ease. The hydraulic outriggers can be raised and lowered from the basket or ground controls and allow you to operate the machine on reasonably unlevel surfaces. The lugged tires provide plenty of traction on softer surfaces and the crab steering on both axles lets you maneuver into tight spots with ease - a major benefit when performing tree removal work.

The bucket can go right up to a 61' working height or the articulated boom lets you trade height for reach so that you can reach out to get to those hard to reach spots. The upper boom extends hydraulically to increase this horizontal reach to up to 33' and the 4' jib extension lets you fine tune the bucket position. The bucket is rated at 500 lbs capacity and is a two man bucket. OSHA and ANSI requirements state that safety harnesses are required for operation in this unit. Harnesses are available for rent if needed or you may supply your own.

55xa Up swing radius

The battery powered mechanism provides you with clean, quiet operation and the ability to run it either inside or outside without any fuel considerations or emissions to worry about. It is equipped with an on board charger for recharging after a day's use. However, the lift is also equipped with a 4,000 gasoline powered generator that can keep the batteries charged when operating in remote locations.

The lift's operating weight is 6,000 lbs. but it will come on a flatbed trailer so the towed vehicle weight is around 8,000 lbs. This will require a 3/4 ton truck (2500 series) or larger. No 1500 series half ton trucks will be allowed. The trailer has hydraulic surge brakes and can be set up with a pintle hitch or 2" ball hitch coupler. You will need a working trailer lights connector on your truck.

If you cannot obtain a 3/4 ton or larger vehicle you may want to consider our Towable 60' lift, which can be towed behind a full size half ton truck.

Tree Trimming - Painting - Building Maintenance, Gutters, Tuckpointing - New Building Construction, Electrical Wiring, Plumbing, HVAC - Factory Maintenance Work - Sign Erecting

Working height: 61' 3"
Maximum Platform height: 55' 3"
Maximum Horizontal Reach: 33'
Platform capacity: 500 lbs.
Platform size: 31” x 49”
Weight: 6,000lbs

Leveling Footprint: 14' - 8"
Stowed height: 6' 9"
Stowed length: 23' 8"
Overall width: 5' - 7"

4 Hours
4 Weeks

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