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Pneumatic Boring Mole







Our Vermeer HammerHead Mole is a pneumatic piercing tool capable of punching a 3" hole through the ground without disturbing the surface. They're perfect for boring holes for pulling cable, gas, or water line under existing sidewalks, roads, or driveways. The 3" mole is reversible and can be used to pull your material back through the hole after you've completed the tunnel. The piercing tool comes with a 50' wire braid hose and connects to the universal "Chicago style" 2 lug twist on air couplings. You will need to establish workholes at the beginning and end of the bore to accomodate the 5' long mole and the operator.

Air Consumption: 38 CFM @ 100 PSI
Weight: 69 lbs
Usage: Underground Boring Work
Mole Size: 3" Diameter x 55" Long
Performance: 480 Blows Per Minute
Maximum Boring Distance: 50'


4 Weeks

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