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Air Fed Helmet Assembly
For Sandblasters







Our 350 lb sandblaster requires a protective helmet to operate safely. OSHA does require air fed helmets with NIOSH approved air filtration systems. This system meets those requirements. Our air fed helmet package consists of a high impact poly air fed helmet with mylar windows for visibility. The inner safety window is covered by an external shield that features disposable tear off mylar sheets so that they can be removed when they get too pitted from the sand being blown around. The helmet also features a nylon cape to cover the shoulders and chest area and an air feed with a quick disconnect attached to a belt.

A lightweight 3/8" poly air hose connects this pot to an approved moisture filter which will remove moisture and oil from the air. This filter then connects to one of the spud fittings on the diesel air compressor. It should be noted that these filters will NOT filter out carbon monoxide fumes. If the exhaust fumes were to waft around and recirculate into the compressor's air intake they would be passed to the operator, therefore sandblasting should only be done with diesel powered air compressors and not those powered by gasoline engines. The filter does have a regulator for adjustment of the air flow to suit each operator's personal preference.

You will need proper safety gear to operate this unit. Sand moving at 100 PSI easily takes rust and paint off of steel so you can imagine what it'll do to the human body. In addition to this helmet assembly you will also need protective gloves and you'll not want to be wearing short sleeves or have your ankles exposed when operating this unit.

OSHA Required
Moisture and Particulate Filter
Air Supply: 4-10 CFM

4 Weeks

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