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Professional Binks #7
Paint Spray Gun






Binks gun

The Binks #7 Paint Spray Gun comes with a dripless quart cup (not pictured) and a high production nozzle. This tool is great for spraying automotive paint but does not work on latex based paints or heavier coatings. It is capable of spraying oil based stain but there will be quite a bit of overspray because of the air atomization so an Airless Sprayer would be a better choice. The high production nozzle size requires 12 CFM to operate. However, air compressors have their air output rated at 100 PSI, so a compressor that puts out 6 CFM at 100 PSI may in fact put out 12 CFM at 50 PSI, depending upon the particular compressor, tank size, and how steady you are spraying. When in doubt, our 5.5 HP Gas Powered Air Compressor always handles this gun well.

This tool does require an additional cleaning deposit of $20.00 but if you return it nice and clean we'll be more than happy to refund it to you. The tool does have an attached air pressure regulator to help with fine adjustments right at the gun.

Usage: Automotive Type Finishes
Air Requirements: 12 CFM

4 Weeks

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