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Our Vertical Rammers are made by MBW. The R-270 vertical rammer compactor features an 11" by 13" shoe and puts out 3,400 lbs of compaction force at 600 - 650 blows per minute. It is powered by a 2 cycle Robin engine and features an excellent weight balance to minimize operator fatigue. It is capable at traveling up to 55 feet per minute, dependant upon soil conditions. These units are great for compacting cohesive soil like clay or for compacting larger lifts than possible with a vibratory plate compactor. Vertical rammers are typically used on 12" lifts or greater. The R270 is factory rated at 22" of loose fill in one pass but the operator needs to realize that when you go to this depth you will lose some compaction power over a 12" lift so we don't particularly recommend this. Plus it can tend to bury itself in deep loose soil to the point where it gets much harder to maneuver when exceeding 12" lifts. It's "foot stomping" compaction action will leave a rough finish when you are done. If you will be laying concrete flatwork over the top we recommend finishing up with a vibratory plate compactor. The vertical rammer will excel in trench work or deeper work holes. For more info on the vibratory plate compactors please Click Here to access that page.

The vertical rammers are reasonably heavy so it will take 2 men to lift them. They fit well in the back of vans, pickup trucks, SUVs, or small trailers but do not go into car trunks. Because the vertical rammers feature a 2 cycle engine a mixed fuel and oil mixture is required. We will supply you with all the mixed fuel that you'll need at no additional charge.

Click Here to Access our Soil Compaction Handbook

Compacting Soil when Lift is greater than 4" - Trenches - Backfilling

Travel Speed - Up To 55 FPM
Impact 3,400 Lbs.
Shoe Width  11"
Maximum Compaction Depth  22"
Robin 2 Cycle Engine
Weight 142 lbs.

4 Hours
4 Weeks

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