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High Speed Concrete Floor Grinder


diamond discs
high speed grinder

The Core Cut High Speed Floor Grinder utilizes a 10" diameter diamond grinding disc for usage on concrete floors. Its 2HP electric motor will run on 120 volts and produces an operating environment free of exhaust fumes. The handle is height-adjustable for operator convenience and the machine does have a lifting bail in the event overhead lifting is used on a jobsite. This grinder has a water hookup but can be used wet or dry. There is a 2" exhaust port should you decide to connect it to a dust collection system.

The grinder accepts 10" diameter diamond grinding wheels. These can either be purchased or rented separately depending upon the length of time the machine will be out on rent. Compared to the lower speed two-head floor grinder, this machine will remove material much faster and more aggressively. It can be used to remove paint lines or it can be used to grind down concrete to lower the surface or remove ridges. If you're removing heavier coating we recommend our two-head floor grinder with the Flaky Jake attachment. Click here, on the 2-Head Floor Grinder link to access that page. To achieve faster removal rates our Concrete Planer is an even faster way to go. For rental info on the diamond grinding disc please click on the following link:

Diamond Grinding Wheel.

This unit does run on 120 volts but it will require every bit of a 20 amp breaker to run. It also requires two men to unload it and fits well into pickup trucks, vans, or utility trailers but doesn't go into car trunks

Power Supply: 120 Volts, 20 Amp Breaker
Can Grind Wet or Dry
Grinding Disc Diameter: 10"
Weight: 170 Lbs.
Discs Not Included

4 Weeks

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