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Vermeer 6" Brush Chipper






The Vermeer 6" Brush Chipper is a professional model brush chipper for grinding up old brush and tree limbs. It's 25 HP electric start Kohler Command engine and heavy 24" cutter flywheel provides plenty of power to get the job done fast. The electronic hydraulic feed system helps control the feed rate according to engine RPM. Just set the feed rate to suit your normal workflow and if you come up against a larger limb than usual the hydraulic feed will pause to let the engine catch up if the engine RPM drops below a given level. This makes for fast, smooth feeding under any conditions. The directional chute can be aimed to stack the chips on a pile on the ground or load a truck or trailer. It is easy to handle and the wider tires make it is easy to maneuver by hand into tight areas rather than requiring you to remain hooked up to the truck. The safety bail makes for instant stop or reversal of the feed mechanism and is located by the operator for quick emergency stops is needed. The Vermeer BC6000XL chipper requires a 2" trailer ball and can be pulled behind almost any vehicle with a trailer light hookup.

If you want a chipper with larger capacity, more power and the ability to handle crooked branches more easily our 35 Horsepower 9" x 14" Brush Chipper would be an excellent choice.

Maximum Limb Diameter   6"
25 HP Kohler Command Series Electric Start Engine
Overall length  105"
Overall width    71"
Weight 1,800 lbs.

4 Hours
4 Weeks

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