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Power Rake (Dethatcher)


flail reel
power rake

Power raking, also known as dethatching, is the process of removing dead thatch from the surface of an existing lawn. Dead grass builds up and chokes off the good grass and creates a breeding ground for insects and disease. Dethatchers use flail reels and are not designed for breaking up dirt clumps in preparation for new lawns. Dethatching is generally the first thing done in spring before other lawn care operations are performed but can be done at any time of the year. For a better understanding of dethatching, and what it does for your lawn click here to view our lawn care tutorial sheet, then use your browser's Back button to return to this page. For those of you who are familiar with dethatching, please read on.

The Bluebird Lawn Comber is a professional model power rake that uses a dethatching flail reel, which is designed to just tickle the surface of the soil without penetrating the root structure and ripping up the good grass. It will take you about the same time as it does to mow your lawn in order to do this job. The Bluebird Power Rake is powered by a 5 HP industrial engine and will dethatch an 18" wide path in one pass. A folding handle assists in making the unit more compact for transport. They are too large for most car trunks but easily fit in pickup trucks, vans, SUVs, or small trailers.

Dethatching Width     18"
5 HP Industrial Engine
Overall width 26”
Weight 112 lbs.

1 Hour

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