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Magnetic Pipe Locator

hand unit

Our CST MT202 Magna-Trak Magnetic Locator is a great tool for finding any underground object that can be detected with a magnet. It's audible indicator and LCD display provide the operator with two means of communication and it's waterproof housing lets you work in the rain if you need to. At 3 lbs it's lightweight and the ergonomic handle won't wear you out. It's erase feature lets you block out any magnetic disturbance, such as a nearby fence and the indicator will caution when getting close to buried power lines. Non-ferrous metals, such as brass, copper, or aluminum are not detected by a magnetic locator and won't throw the signal off. This unit goes above and beyond your basic metal detectors, which are limited to a 12" range. It can pick up nails up to 8" deep, lot marker stakes up to 7' deep, water stop valve boxes up to 8' deep, cast iron pipes and manhole covers up to 8' deep, and large iron tanks up to 15' deep.

Max. Job Range      8" to 15' depending upon size of target
Power Supply         (6) "AA" Cell Batteries

4 Hours
4 Weeks

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