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case 460

The Case 460 trencher is a heavy duty ride-on trencher capable of digging an 8" wide trench up to a maximum depth of 4'. Its 37HP Kubota water-cooled diesel engine provides plenty of torque to handle the toughest jobs while still giving excellent low fuel consumption rates. The hydraulic chain drive allows variable speed control over the chain speed and allows reverse operation to clear out any rocks that may get lodged in the chain drive. The planetary gear drive system with dual augers delivers maximum power to the digging chain, which is equipped with a combination of carbide cutters and cupped teeth for high performance digging in any soil condition. Just lower the trenching boom, set the hydrostatic wheel drive speed, and away you go!

The four-way hydraulic backfill blade makes quick work of backfilling the trench and the machine has the weight and power required to move the dirt. The Case 460 trencher includes a flatbed trailer and requires either a pintle hook or 2" trailer ball with 1" shank; it can be pulled behind a 3/4-ton pickup truck with a class 3 frame-mounted hitch and a trailer light hookup. Trenching speed varies with soil conditions but averages around 60 feet per hour with reported trenching rates of up to 150' per hour in optimal soil conditions.

Drain Tile - Wiring - Downspouts - Water lines - Gas lines - Narrow footings

Maximum Trenching Depth: 4'
37HP Kubota Water Cooled Diesel Engine
Trench Width: 8"
Backfill blade width: 62”
Operating Weight: 5,660 lbs.

4 Hours
4 Weeks

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