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Cat 226 Skid Steer Loader






Cat 226

The Cat 226 skid steer loader is the ultimate in skid steer design. It's the perfect all-around loader with plenty of power for digging and great maneuverability on the jobsite. Its 54 HP Caterpillar diesel engine has lots of torque for handling those tough jobs. Its rated capacity is 1500 lbs. and a quick-attachment mounting plate makes it easy to switch between industry standard buckets, forks, hydraulic breakers, or post hole auger attachments. The cab is enclosed and heated during winter for snow removal operation and it comes with a 66"-wide bucket. It's a twin stick operating design which works the wheel drive as well as the bucket and boom controls, making for a quick learning curve for first time operators versus foot pedal style bucket and boom controls. The low-effort piloted hydraulic controls mean that the operator need only apply fingertip pressure to operate the machine. The drivetrain of the Cat 226 is equipped with an exclusive anti-stall feature to deliver maximum power to the wheels without stalling the engine. The hydrostatic drive is capable of ground speed of 7 mph and the tires are foam filled to eliminate downtime due to flat tires.

Skid steer loaders are sometimes misunderstood. They are a fixed-frame machine with no suspension. Their short wheelbase makes them very maneuverable but they are limited to working on solid surfaces due to their short wheelbase and rubber tires. Concentrating that weight on four tires means that the machine will dig in and leave deep impressions on a lawn and if the soil is wet or muddy you will most likely leave deep ruts and quite possibly get stuck. In that case we suggest that you consider our Caterpillar Track Loader. Its wide rubber tracks leave you with a ground pressure of only 4.4 PSI so that you can glide over softer surfaces with ease.

The Caterpillar 226 includes a flatbed trailer and requires either a pintle hook or 2" trailer ball with 1" shank. It can be pulled behind a 3/4 ton pickup truck with a class 3 frame mounted hitch and a trailer light hookup.

Many attachments are available and use the industry standard quick disconnect mounting plates. For more information on these, click on the following links:

Toothed Bucket

Pallet Forks

Power Post Hole Auger

Hydraulic Breaker

Hydraulic Brush Mower

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Digging for Concrete Work - Concrete Removal - Landscaping - Post Hole Drilling - Snow Removal

Operating Capacity: 1500 lbs.
Tipping Load: 3000 lbs.
Breakout Force: 3,903 lbs.
54 HP Caterpillar Water Cooled Diesel Engine
Bucket Width:     66"
Overall Height     78"
Operating Weight: 5,645 lbs.

4 Hours
4 Weeks

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