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John Deere 27C ZTS
Mini Excavator


mini excavator

The John Deere 27C ZTS Mini Excavator is the ultimate in mini excavators, perfectly balancing power with maneuverability. It's 61" wide tracks allow for easy access into constrained areas while the long boom can give you a 15' - 5" reach and 8' - 8" digging depth. Both the boom and turret swivel so it's easy to dig flush with a foundation wall and the 16" bucket mounts with a quick attach plate so that it can easily be exchanged with other attachments. The 32 HP diesel engine has plenty of power for both digging and backfilling with the hydraulic backfill blade. It's machine weight of 6,482 lbs means it has enough weight to perform without requiring special transportation needs. This is a zero tail swing machine so you can concentrate on the digging end rather looking out the back of your head to make sure the tail doesn't hit anything during turret rotation. The piloted hydraulic controls make for effortless operation and the unit can be changed from an excavator control pattern to backhoe control pattern with the flip of a switch. Auxiliary hydraulics are controlled by foot pedals and a very popular choice is the hydraulic breaker attachment.

The Mini Excavator includes a flatbed trailer and requires either a pintle hook or 2" trailer ball with 1" shank. It can be pulled behind a 3/4 ton pickup truck with a class 3 frame mounted hitch and a trailer light hookup.

Click Here for information on the Hydraulic Breaker

Drain Tile - Work holes- Ditching and Trenching - Concrete Demolition - Water lines - Gas lines - Footings

Maximum Digging Depth: 8'-8"
Maximum Reach: 15' - 5"
32 HP Diesel Engine
Backhoe Bucket Width: 16"
Backfill Blade Width: 61”
Operating Weight: 6,482 lbs.

4 Hours
4 Weeks

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