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Mini Skid Steer Loader


mini skid
mini skid

The Ditch Witch SK500 mini skid steer loader is perfect for getting into tight spots. The rubber tracks eliminate turf damage caused by heavier wheeled units and minimize any turf repair work when the job is finished. The SK500 is powered by a Honda 24 HP gasoline engine and the hydrostatic ground drive allows you to turn and drive with ease just by walking along behind it. The bucket is 44" wide and is connected via a quick attach mechanism that allows you to easily snap on any number of available attachments, such as our Post Hole Auger, Power Box Rake, or Forks. It is capable of 3.8 mph forward ground speed and weighs 2,270 lbs, which is a fraction of what larger skid steer loaders weigh. In addition the rubber tracks spread out that weight, giving it a ground pressure of only 3.3 PSI. This ensures that you'll float over any terrain rather than mire down and get stuck like a rubber tired unit. The tipping capacity of this unit is 1,450 lbs so it's more than capable of lifting those heavy loads and running large diameter post hole augers.

The SK500 mini skid steer includes a flatbed trailer and requires a 2" trailer ball to transport it. It can be pulled behind most full size trucks with a frame mounted hitch and a trailer light hookup. For further information about other attachments for the SK500 mini skid steer please click on the following links:

Post Hole Auger

Power Box Rake

Pallet Forks

Digging for Concrete Work - Concrete Removal - Landscaping - Post Hole Drilling - Snow Removal -
Lawn Prep for Reseeding - Power Wheelbarrow Tasks

Operating Capacity: 725 lbs.
Tipping Load: 1,450 lbs.
24 HP Honda Gasoline Engine
Bucket Width:     44"
Overall Length    72.5"
Optional Attachments Available: Forks, Post Hole Auger, Box Rake
Operating Weight: 2,270 lbs.
Loaded Trailer Weight (w/attachments): over 5,000 lbs.

4 Hours
4 Weeks

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