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210 CFM Towable
Air Compressor






towable compressor

Our towable air compressors are made by Sullivan. They feature fuel efficient John Deere tier III diesel engines and deliver 210 CFM of air at 100 PSI. The high efficiency rotary screw air end is a proven reliable design and the insulated cabinet makes for extremely quiet operation. Full tool storage bins allow scure transport of hoses and air tools. 2 service valves utilizing standard Chicago style couplers are included. The John Deere turbo diesel engine provides more than enough power to satisfy any air making needs and has a glow plug preheat system to ensure starting in winter conditions.

This unit weighs just under 2,367 lbs and can be towed behind almost any vehicle with a high enough hitch. Hitches are available either as a pintle ring or a 2" ball coupler. This unit is typically used to run multiple air hammers, 350 lb sandblasters, air saws, rock drills, or to provide emergency factory air. The unit is supplied with two 50' x 3/4" air hoses but extra hoses can be rented for an additional rental fee and a large selection of tools is available.

Delivered Air Volume: 210 CFM at 100 PSI
Engine: John Deere Turbocharged Diesel Engine
Hitch Requirements: 2" Ball or Pintle Hitch
Weight: 2,367 lbs.

Note: Rental rates are based on single shift usage.
Please inquire regarding multiple shift rental rates.


4 Weeks

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