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3/4 HP Electric Air Compressor






air compressor

Our 3/4 HP Electric Air Compressors are actually advertised as 1-1/2 HP units but they only produce 4 CFM of free air so they actually put out air volume equivalent to a 1 HP tank type air compressor. Nonetheless, this is adequate air to run a large number of pneumatic tools. They are lighter weight than full size tank type compressors and easy to carry around and will run on a 20 amp 120 volt circuit.

This unit is great for running an air nailer, stapler, pumping up well tanks that have lost their charge, filling flat tires, etc. If you are running multiple large nailers you may need to bump up to the next size unit. You will also need a larger unit if you are considering spray painting.

Delivered Air Volume: 4.2 CFM at 100 PSI
Engine: 1-1/2 HP Electric (advertised)
Weight: 32 lbs.

4 Hours
4 Weeks

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