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spike nailer

The Bostitch Framing Nailer is a pneumatic tool that shoots coiled spike nails to fasten down plywood sheathing, roof decking, or to do 2 x 4 framing work. The N80-C nailer holds nail coils of various lengths. Common nail sizes are a 2-3/8" (8d) and 3-1/4" (16d). The unit comes with an attached air pressure regulator for convenient adjustment of fastener depth. A contact trip safety ensures that no accidental discharges can occur while at the same time an operator can simply grab the trigger and "tap" the nailer to fire a nail, similar to a hammer, for the fastest production. The air tool requires 6 CFM of air if fired at 60 shots per minute so it may run on a smaller pancake compressor if you're not using it for high production decking work, otherwise a larger compressor like our 1-1/2 HP electric may be needed.

Fasteners Used    Coiled Common Nails
Fastener Length   From 2-3/8" up to 3-1/4"
Air Requirements    6 CFM @ 60 shots per minute
Tool Weight          8.8 lbs.

4 Hours
4 Weeks

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