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3/4" Drive Pneumatic
Impact Wrench






impact wrench

Our Chicago Pneumatic model 770 3/4"drive pneumatic impact wrench is the big guy on the block. This is a heavy duty air impact wrench that cranks out an amazing 1,150 ft-lbs of maximum torque to remove those larger fasteners found in heavy duty trucks and commercial applications. This powerful wrench will require 39 cfm of air so you'll need a decent sized air compressor or  shop air supply to run it. Our 1-1/2 HP Electric Air Compressor will run it but you'll have to wait after every lug nut for the tank to recover. Our 5.5 HP Gasoline Powered Air Compressor is a much better choice. This tool requires a 3/8" ID air hose, which we also have available.

Maximum Torque           1,150 Ft-Lbs
Air Consumption           39 CFM
Drive Size                     3/4"
Tool Weight                  5.9 Lbs.

4 Weeks

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