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60 lb. Electric Concrete Breaker

brute kit

The 60 Lb. Electric Demolition Hammer is an electric breaker, commonly (and incorrectly) called an electric air hammer by some. This breaker makes quick work out of breaking up concrete. It also is a less expensive alternative to using an air hammer and towable air compressor and requires minimal setup time so that you can get to your job fast and start breaking. Its impact is similar to a 60 lb. air hammer, which is designed for concrete slabs up to 4" thick, but it's commonly used on slabs that are 6" thick with good results. The pneumatic air hammers do have a faster cycle rate than the electric breakers, so they work faster, but they don't hit any harder and you benefit by not having to haul the air compressor around and go through the setup procedure of a pneumatic unit. If your concrete is in excess of 6" thick, you will benefit by renting the towable air compressor with a 90 lb. air hammer.

This breaker is made by Bosch and is called "The Brute" as it has been known all across the country. It weighs 62 lbs. and comes with a 50' cord, a selection of concrete chisels, as well as a handy cart to move it around. The shock mounted handles help relieve the strain from the operator's arms. The barrel of this unit does get warm, but, under normal conditions such as flatwork, this is not an issue. If you'll be breaking a wall and using the tool horizontally, a rope sling would be recommended to help support the unit and keep your hands cool.

The Bosch Brute can be easily loaded into vans, pickup trucks, SUVs, small trailers, or even car trunks if they are of decent size (and you take your golf clubs out).

Weight: 62 Lbs.
Recommended Concrete Thickness: 4 - 6"
Bits Used: Standard 1-1/8" Hex Air Hammer Bits
Power Requirements: 20-amp Breaker  -  120 Volts
Included Cord Length: 50'  (Extra Extension Cords Available)

4 Hours
4 Weeks

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