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concrete mixer

The Multiquip-Whiteman towable concrete mixer is a 6-cubic-foot mixer powered by a gasoline engine. It's powered by a Honda 8HP engine with lots of reserve power for those tough mixing jobs. Its 46" axle with 12 x 4.80 high-speed tires make for easy highway towing. The 6-cubic-foot capacity rating basically means it will fill one contractor's wheelbarrow.

A typical cement mix for average conditions would be two shovels of cement, five shovels of sand, and six shovels of gravel. Then add just enough water and let it mix. If it's too dry you can always add more. If you want a stronger slab than average just add a little bit more cement to the ratio. This means that one bag of cement (94 lbs) + 2-1/2 cu ft of sand + 3-1/2 cu ft of gravel will yield approximately 5-1/2 cu ft of concrete, which is approximately enough to fill a 4' x 4' slab at 4" thick.

Axle Width: 46"
Drum Size: 6 cu ft   (1 wheelbarrow)
8 HP Honda Gasoline Engine
Mixer Weight: 685 lbs.

4 Weeks

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