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Dyma-PCD Tooling for
Dual Head Concrete Grinder






The Magna-Blade tooling is a set of 6 grinding heads that fit the Magna-Trap mounting system on our EDCO Dual Head Grinder. They are an aggressive design that utilizes carbide cutters to deal with heavy coating removal. When dealing with thick or brittle coating it can take forever to grind them because you have to grind the coating into powder to remove it. A better choice is to chip it off, which is a much faster way to get the job done. However, carbide cutters scraping along the surface of the concrete tend to leave some noticeable gouges or scratches. The Magna-Blades are NOT designed to grind down concrete. They are only for removing heavier surface coatings. If you need to remove heavy coatings and still want a smoother finish you might want to make a second pass with our Dyma-Dot tooling to restore the smoothest possible finish.


  • Removing thick, heavy coatings
  • Removing brittle coatings
  • NOT used for grinding concrete

For a smoother finish consider using our Dyma-Dot Diamond Tooling. The Dyma-Dots do not work as fast as the Dyma-Segs nor are they best suited for heavier grinding of concrete but they will leave the smoothest possible finish.

For general concrete grinding or removing thick or abrasive coatings the use of our Dyma-Seg Segmented Diamond Tooling is a good choice.

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