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8 Cu. Ft. Mortar Mixer





mortar mixer

The MBW M60 mortar mixer is a 8-cubic-foot mixer rated at 2 bags. It's powered by a Honda 8HP commercial series engine with lots of reserve power for those tough mixing jobs. Its 46" axle with 12 x 4.80 high speed tires make for easy highway towing. While mortar mixers generally come with ring hitches for use with pintle hooks, we have 2" ball adaptors to allow you to tow them with a 2" ball hitch. As long as your hitch is high enough, like a pickup truck's step bumper rather than a low hitch found on a smaller car, you'll have no problem towing these mixers. The paddles are equipped with rubber wipers to help wipe the drum clean. Because these mixers do have paddles they can only be used for non-aggregate products, such as mortar or plaster. Any material with stones in it, such as concrete, will not work in a paddle mixer. 

For reference, the following amounts of material will make about 1 cubic foot of general purpose mortar:
16 lbs. Portland cement, 8.5 lbs. hydrated lime, 100 lbs. dry sand, and 2-3 gallons water. This is for reference only. You should check with a knowledgeable supplier of masonry products to find out the best mix of mortar and sand for your specific application.

Axle Width: 46"
Drum Size: 8 cu ft (2 bags)
8HP Honda Commercial Series Engine
Mixer Weight: 665 lbs.

4 Weeks

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