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36" Power Trowel





power trowel

Our Power Trowels are 36" four-blade units made by MBW. The 36" four-blade design is powered by an 8HP Honda Commercial Series engine and provides more than enough power to keep the float blades turning on sticky slabs. The 36" diameter guard ring also features edge shoes (not illustrated in picture) to allow you to finish tight up against walls, eliminating all that extra hand troweling. The trowel is supplied with both float and finish blades. The float blades are simple slide-on blades; they require no tools for installation and can be quickly installed or removed. The blade pitch adjustment is accomplished by turning a knob up by the operator's handle position. A centrifugal clutch engages the blades according to engine RPM and the troweling speed can vary between 70 and 135 RPM at the blades to achieve the kind of finish you desire. For more info on refinishing concrete, please click here to access our concrete refinishing tutorial. 

Power trowels aren't light and the handle takes up a fair amount of room, so car trunks and small SUVs don't work for transport. They fit well in the back of pickup trucks, small trailers, and large vans that are cleaned out and empty. Both finish and float blades are included in the rental rate.

Troweling Speed: 70 to 135 RPM at Blades
Trowel Diameter: 36"
Honda 8HP Commercial Series Engine
Weight: 191 lbs.

4 Weeks

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