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7 HP Commercial Tiller






The 7 HP Merry Tiller is a commercial grade mid tine tiller. It's chain drive does an excellent job of getting power to the tines compared to worm drive gearcases and the 7 HP commercial engine has plenty of power for those tough jobs. The mid tine design is similar to a front tine design but the forward location of the engine puts more weight to bear on the tines, increasing soil penetration.

The 7 HP Merry Tiller is a fairly bulky unit so don't plan on putting it into car trunks. It does fit well in vans, pickups, or small utility trailers though and will also fit in smaller SUVs and minivans as long as the back seat is out or folds up. If you have transport issues and are not breaking sod our 4 HP Compact Tiller may be a better choice.

Tine Width   26"
7 HP Kohler Engine
Dry Weight 141 lbs.

1 Hour

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