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Lawn aeration is commonly overlooked when caring for lawns. Many homeowners are familiar with the benefits of dethatching, or power raking their lawn but are unaware of the benefits of lawn aeration. For a better understanding of lawn aeration, and what it does for your lawn view our Lawn Care Tutorial, then use your browser's Back button to return to this page. For those of you who are familiar with lawn aeration, please read on.

The Bluebird 530 Lawn Aerator offers greater productivity, better maneuverability, and a user friendly design. The Bluebird aerator will remove cores up to 3" deep in a 19" wide path. These cores will lay on top of the ground and gradually break down and disappear within a week. The free wheeling outer tines let users turn right corners while aerating and the tine drive propels the unit along easily without requiring the operator to push the machine. The throttle speed is adjustable and, unless you like walking behind it at a very high rate of speed, you will achieve best results by slowing the engine speed down. The 5 HP Honda gear reduction engine provides plenty of power at low speeds to get the job done.

The Bluebird lawn aerator has weights attached to allow the machine to penetrate the ground. These weights are easily removed without tools for transport. Once the weights are removed the lawn aerator can be lifted by 2 men into a pickup, van, or SUV. A folding handle assists in making the unit more compact for transport. They are too large for car trunks but fit just fine into vans, pickups, SUVs, or small trailers. If you need a trailer, but do not have access to one, we can provide you with one at no additional charge. If you have a large garden tractor or a huge area to aerate you may want to consider our Towable Lawn Aerator as another option.

Aerating Width     19"
Aerating Depth     Adjustable, up to 3"
5.5 HP Honda Engine
Overall width 26.5”
Weight 288 lbs.

3 Hours

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