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bed edger

The EZ-Trench BE400 Bed Edger is the ultimate tool for defining beds or installing plastic or steel edging or creating a solid bed for stone retaining walls or landscape curbing. The 6.5 HP Honda engine provides the extra power needed in tough clay soils and the steerable rear wheels make fancy curves and tree rings easy. The unit can be set up with different cutter heads. A check shaped trench can be up to 5" deep and 8" wide and provides a smooth junction between turf and bed for a very professional, pleasing bed and can be used to establish a vertical wall for laying in plastic bed edging as well as laying open trench beds. A flat bottom cuter blade can be used to provide a flat base for laying pavers or landscape timbers. A 1" wide bit is perfect for installing invisible dog fencing and sprinkler systems. This unit comes with a folding handle and can easily be loaded into pickups, vans, or SUVs. It weighs 125 lbs so you will need two persons to unload it.

Bedscaper Blade Size:  6" Wide by up to 2" Deep
Paver Blade Size:  4" Wide by up to 2" Deep
Dog Fence/Sprinkler System Blade Size: 1" Wide by up to 3.5" Deep
6.5 HP Honda Engine
Weight 125 lbs.

3 Hours

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