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Borzit Underground Boring Tool

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The Borzit Underground Boring Tool is an inexpensive way to bore holes underground. It's ideal for running wiring or piping underneath existing slabs or for installing sprinkler system lines with minimal impact on the surface. The Borzit tool comes with three different bits so that you can bore 2", 3", or 4-3/4" holes. It comes with a set of 3/4" galvanized pipe capable of boring lengths up to 60'. This unit is surprisingly fast. In order to operate it you will need a constant water supply from a garden hose and a very heavy duty 1/2" drill. The unit is capable of pulling wire or pipe back through the bored hole if you make an adaptor to reduce the pipe thread to 3/4". Complete instructions can be accessed at This Link for further details. We also recommend our Heavy Duty 1/2" Drill to power the Borzit.

Bore Diameters: 2", 3", or 4-3/4"
Maximum bore length: 60'
Requires garden hose connection and heavy duty drill

4 Hours

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