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13 HP 24" Brush Mower





brush mower

The Billy Goat Outback Brush Mower is a 24" wide brush mower designed to cut anything in it's way. The heavy duty mower deck is designed to cut brush up to the size of your small finger and is propelled by a 3 speed transmission with a powerful 13 HP Honda engine. With 16" tires this machine is capable of moving right along so mowing time will be kept to a minimum. Be sure to walk your terrain and inspect for any steel pipes or large rocks before beginning your mowing operation. If you hit something large you will be responsible for damage to the machine so don't go mowing blindly. The machine is 27-1/2" wide so it can get through tight spots to get to the mowing area. The unit does weigh around 300 lbs. Because of this the brush mower will come on a trailer at no extra charge. The mower is fastened to the trailer with a quick attach mounting pin and can easily be driven on or off the ramp without any lifting required. All you need is a 2" trailer ball and trailer lights hookup on your vehicle.

Blade Size   24"
Machine Width   27-1/2"
13 HP Honda Commercial Series Engine
Weight 283 lbs.

4 Hours

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