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chain saw

The Stihl MS260 chain saw comes with a 16" bar and is an excellent balance of professional power in an easy to handle light weight saw. This model is capable of meeting 90% of our customer's chain sawing needs. The 49 cc engine puts out 3.5 HP and the power head only weighs 10.6 lbs. The saw comes with an automatic bar oiler and we will provide an ample supply of bar oil which should be refilled every time the gas tank needs to be refilled. Because it is a 2 cycle engine it does require mixed fuel and oil so we will provide plenty of that as well so that you can concentrate on sawing wood rather than mixing fuel.

The only additional charge is a one time chain service charge of $8.00. We replace every chain when it is returned from rental and give you a fresh chain to start your rent with. While the $8.00 does not cover the cost of a new chain, we send them out for resharpening and this covers that portion. This is a one time fee regardless of how long you have the saw. If you have a large job and want an extra chain we would charge $8.00 for each chain that is used. If your job requires a larger chain saw, our larger 24" Chain Saw is another option.

Engine Displacement 48.7 cc
Bar Length  18"
Stihl 2 Cycle Engine
Powerhead Weight 8.8 lbs.

4 Hours

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