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Vermeer 6" Brush Chipper






New Change for 2020

Our Vermeer 6" Brush Chipper is no longer available. We have since upgraded to a new 9" brush chipper due to popular demand by our customers. The 9" chipper is twice as fast and four times less work compared to a 6" chipper. One common misnomer is that a 6" chipper is designed for 6" limbs, but that is not the case. The 6" rating reflects the actual 6" x 6" square opening to the feed roller. Unfortunately tree limbs are not straight. They have bends and twists and y-shaped forks that prevent many small diameter branches from passing through the chipper. Our 9" replacement chipper features a 9" high by 14" wide opening to the feed roller, which allows odd shaped brush to pass through with ease without requiring the constant chain saw trimming common to the smaller 6" chipper. In addition, the 35 HP engine and automatic feed system has the power you need to handle larger limbs without pausing or stopping. Our customers tell us that the 9" chipper works twice as fast as our previous 25 HP 6" chipper and is much easier to use. For this reason we have replaced our 6" chipper with the new upgraded 9" chipper.

For more information, check out the web page link for our 35 Horsepower 9" x 14" Brush Chipper

Previous 6" Specifications:
Feed Throat Size   6"
25 HP Kohler Command Series Electric Start Engine
Overall length  105"
Overall width    71"
Weight 1,800 lbs.


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