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The Little Wonder HPV Vacuum is more than just a lawn vacuum. It's powerful vacuum system can clear and collect small stones, plastic soda bottles, aluminum cans, and any other sweepable debris as well as leaves, thatch, and lawn clippings. The powerful 6 HP gasoline engine will take the back breaking work out of cleaning up your lawn or outdoor area. It should be noted that wet leaves that are packed down don't pick up well in anything so wait until they dry out and then let the HPV have at 'em. It features large 10" front and 12" rear pneumatic tires for ease in rolling over uneven turf and the nozzle height adjustment is automatic to prevent digging in or scalping on uneven terrain. The 8 bushel hard bottom bag will hold lots of debris and the unique dust direction system directs dust away from the operator and is very easy to unload compared to traditional zipper type bags.

This unit is bulky so to transport this unit you will need a pick up truck, van, SUV, or small utility trailer.

Intake Width    29"
Bag Capacity   8 Bushels
6 HP Gasoline Engine
Cleaning Rate   38,000 sq ft/hr @ 3 mph
Dimensions: 62" L x 29" W x 40" H
Weight 182 lbs.

3 Hours

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