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Post Hole Digger or Auger



Clamshell Style


Auger Style

Manual post hole augers are work but there's times when a power unit is just too much to justify for a couple of holes. The clamshell type gives you the advantage of trimming the hole to any size and works best in sandy conditions where you don't have to throw it real hard to penetrate hard soils, like clay. They also work better for picking around small rocks than the auger type. The disadvantage is that, the deeper you go, the farther you need to spread the handles so deep holes only work out if the hole is quite large.

The auger units have the advantage of going deeper and they have the leverage of augering into tougher soils like clay. They do not have the ability to trim hole sizes however and it is difficult to pick out small rocks with the auger style. They also don't hold sand very well.

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