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Power Sod Cutter

sod cutter
sod cutter

Our Ryan Hydro Sod Cutters are the latest model professional sod cutters used by professional landscapers but the intuitive controls and simple operation makes it easy to use by any DIY homeowner. It features a 5.5 HP Honda engine and a heavy duty cast iron gearcase unit with a powerful hydrostatic transmission featuring both forward and reverse drive allowing you to turn up the power without sacrificing ground speed to make this unit highly productive, saving you time and energy to get your job done. The 18" blade cuts a nice wide swath as you slowly walk behind the unit so most rentals are generally back within the 3 hour time frame. Cutting speeds of up to 1200 sq ft per hour are easily attainable.

Because this is a heavy duty unit it weighs 380 lbs. This means you can't lift the unit due to it's weight and the machine is tall, narrow, and easily damaged. This unit does come with a special trailer which is designed specifically for this unit. Just drive it up the ramp, insert the hold-down pin and you are ready to transport with no lifting or rope tie downs required. The 18" wide cutting blade and swiveling rear wheel make it easy to maneuver around shrubs, trees, or other objects and also helps penetrate the soil when hard soil conditions exist. To transport this unit all you need is a vehicle with a trailer hitch (2" trailer ball) and trailer lights connection. When planning your job please keep in mind that you can cut the sod and leave it lay and roll it up later to save time.

Cutting Width   18"
Cutting Depth   0 - 2.5"
5.5 HP Honda Engine
Machine Overall Width 25”
Weight 380 lbs.

3 Hours

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