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25 HP Stump Grinder
w/ Track Ground Drive,
Hydraulic Head Swing
and Autosweep Control

stump grinder tracks
Vermeer SC-30TX Stump Grinder

The Vermeer SC-30TX Stump Grinder is the fastest and easiest way to remove old stumps. Its 25 HP electric start Kohler Command engine provides plenty of power to get the job done fast while its low center of gravity makes the unit more stable and resistant to tipping compared to wheel driven units. The hydostatic track driven ground drive makes it easy to get to the worksite without damaging grass or getting stuck in soft soil conditions. Just drive it off the ramp of the trailer and cruise on up to your stump.

These stump grinders are only 35" wide and can turn on a dime so they can get into tight spots and fit through a 3' wide yard gate with ease. The fully hydraulic controls allow effortless operator control of the cutter head and ground drive. Everything is hydraulic on the SC30TX so there are no belts to slip or fail when in operation. The cutter head swings hydraulically to move across the stump when cutting and Vermeer's Auto-Sweep electronic control system monitors engine RPM to control the hydraulic flow rate to the swing head to prevent stalling the engine when grinding, yielding the best possible cutting rate to finish your job in less time. This machine will definitely take the hard work out of any stump grinding chore. The flatbed trailer with drive-off ramp is included with each rental and requires a 2" trailer ball and can be pulled behind almost any vehicle.

Maximum Under Ground Cutting Range   12"
Maximum Above Ground Cutting Range   25" 
Maximum Stump Diameter   -  No Limitation
25 HP Kohler Command Pro Series EFI Electric Start Engine
Track Drive Ground Pressure 3.4 PSI
Overall width 35”
Weight 1,550 lbs.

4 Hours

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