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2" Submersible Water Pump






water pump

Our 2" submersible Pumps are clear water pumps that can be submerged for unattended operation. The thermal protection will stop the pump if you run out of water and the pump gets warm. It will then kick in again once the water runs back in to the pump. It uses a 2" discharge hose and is powered by a 1/2 HP motor, which means this pump can run on a standard 120-volt 20-amp circuit. It can put out as much as 3,000 gallons per hour (GPH), but this will decrease as the total lifting height (head) increases. The maximum head is 34' and the pump will put out just under 1,000 GPH at that height. Best performance is achieved when the total discharge head is kept to 15' or less. Note that the head only represents vertical lift. There's no problem running a few hundred feet of discharge hose as long as you aren't increasing the vertical lift. Two-inch discharge hose is available separately.

Max Water Output:       Up to 3,000 GPH
Max Head (Vertical):   34'
Motor Size:                  1/2HP
Power Requirements: 20 amp Circuit, 120 Volts AC

4 Weeks

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