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3" Trash Pump

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Our Multiquip 3" Trash Pumps are great dewatering pumps. The word trash can be a misnomer, because trash pumps aren't designed to pass everything. Trash pumps are impeller-type pumps, just like the water pump in your car. The impeller is mounted on a shaft that has a pump seal riding on it to prevent leakage or loss of pumping vacuum. This means that they're a clear water pump. Any abrasive material, like sand, will destroy the seal and the pump will fail. This is common to all impeller style water pumps. If you are pumping sandy water, our 3" Diaphragm Pump is a better option for that application. The main difference between a standard centrifugal pump and a trash pump is that the trash pump impeller is designed with more clearance in order to pass solids. If you get some pea gravel, leaves, or other waste into a trash pump it will generally pass it, up to 1/4 of the pump size. In other words, a 3" trash pump can generally pass up to a 3/4" solid. Another advantage to trash pumps is that if they do plug up you can simply remove the pump cover with two hand wheels, clean out the jam, replace the cover, and continue pumping.

A big advantage to trash pumps over diaphragm pumps is their increased pumping speed. Trash pumps require priming and a plastic priming plug is located in the top of the pump so that you can dump a bucket of water down into the pump cavity. Once the impeller area is wet the pump will lift the water through the suction hose and spit it out the discharge. All water pumps work on the principal of creating a vacuum in the suction hose and allowing atmospheric pressure to force the water into the suction hose and up to the impeller. This limits the suction hose length to 20', or else the atmospheric pressure won't be enough to lift the water into the pump. Once the water hits the impeller, the engine's power can send it hundreds of feet if, needed so discharge hose length isn't a problem.

Our 3" Trash Pumps are rated at 25,000 GPH. The maximum head (vertical lift) of the discharge hose is rated at 90' but the higher the head, the less water flow you will have. These units have a 1.58-gallon fuel tank which takes regular unleaded gasoline, and they'repowered by 8HP Honda commercial engines. Twenty feet of suction hose is included with every pump. Discharge hose is available in various lengths and rented separately.

Max Water Output: Up to 25,000 GPH
Max Head (Vertical): 90'
Engine Size: 8 HP Honda Gasoline Powered Engine
Max Solids Capacity: 1.5"
Weight: 150 Lbs.
Dimensions: 25.5H x 25.5L x 18W
Suction Hose Included: 20'

4 Hours
4 Weeks

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