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Floor Drainer Water Pump






floor drainer

Our Floor Drainer Submersible Pumps are clear water pumps that can be fully submerged if needed. The pumps will remove water all the way down to 3/64 of an inch. Thermal protection will stop the pump if you run out of water and the pump gets warm. It will then kick in again once the water runs back into the pump. It uses a heavy duty 3/4" garden hose, which is supplied with the pump at no additional charge, and is powered by a 1/2 HP motor. It can put out around 2,000 gallons per hour (GPH), but this will decrease as the total lifting height (head) increases. The maximum head is 34' and the pump will put out just over 1,200 GPH at that height. This is a great pump for pumping out flooded basements and getting the water level down very low, unlike traditional dewatering pumps which leave around 2" of water when they stop pumping.

Max Water Output: Up to 2,000 GPH
Max Head (Vertical): 34'
Motor Size: 1/2 HP
Power Requirements: 20 amp Circuit - 120 Volts AC

4 Weeks

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