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This handy how-to guide is full of helpful tips and hints for you so you can better understand your project and achieve professional results. Feel free to browse through the lists on this page and click on any links that interest you. To get back to this page after you click on an article, just hit the "back" button on your browser.

Do-It-Yourself Section
Lawn Care Tutorial
Explains the difference between dethatching, overseeding, and lawn aeration and which is best for you to help you maintain a beautiful lawn.

Diamond Pier Installation Tips
Explains the Diamond Pier system of support footings.

Soil Compaction Handbook
Explains the differences in various soils and which type of machine to use as well as proper soil
compaction techniques.

Carpet Laying Tips
Explains how to lay your own carpeting just like the pros.

Concrete Drilling Tips
Explains the various types of tools available for drilling in concrete and their proper applications.

Concrete Sawing Tips
Explains the differences in the various types of concrete saws and their applications.

Concrete Grinding Tips
Explains the methods used to remove various coatings from concrete surfaces as well as the proper equipment for concrete grinding.

Concrete Finishing Guide
A complete step by step guide on how to lay new concrete as well as finish it. Begins with layout, forming, and soil preparation and goes on through the final steps of pouring, finishing, and brooming your new slab.

How To Sand Hardwood Floors
A very popular tutorial explaining everything you need to know to sand hardwood floors.

How To Lay Pavers and Patios
A popular tutorial detailing how to lay pavers properly to create long lasting patios and walkways.