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Diamond Pier Handbook

Previously, your only real choice for installing footings capable of supporting a deck was to use a post hole auger to drill holes into the ground, install a Sonotube and fill with concrete. In our Wisconsin climate abnd terrain that meant drilling 4' deep into soil that was often rocky or heavy clay, which resulted in a back-breaking task that took up a fair amount of time. The Diamond Pier system eliminates all of that effort by emulating the structure of tree roots, which spreads the load out over a larger area, providing greater bearing area and increased resistance to upheavals from frost.

Diamond Pier Root

The Diamond Pier system meets building codes and is sold by lumber yards and building supply centers nationwide. Installation is quick and easy, requiring only a shovel, small bubble level and an electric hammer with driver bit for the Diamond Pier Rods. The level and shovel are common items that everyone owns and you can rent the 35 lb. Electric Breaker and driver bit from us.

Bosch 35 lb. Electric Hammer

Bosch 35 lb. Electric Hammer

Driver Bit

Diamond Pier Driver Bit

For further details on the Diamond Pier system check out the following links:

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