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60 lb. Paving Breaker






air hammer

Our 60 lb. Air Hammers are used for breaking up concrete or asphalt slabs. The 60 lb. class breakers are great for slabs up to 4" thick. If you have heavier slabs to break up our 90 lb. Air Hammer would be a better choice. The power output of the 60 lb. breaker is less and it doesn't hit as hard as a 90 lb. breaker but the lighter weight makes it a valuable choice when working with smaller slabs or when slinging it for vertical work. This breaker requires quite a bit of air so a towable compressor will be required. If your job is small you may opt for the 60 lb. Electric Demolition Hammer made by Bosch. It features the same impact as the air hammer but doesn't hit quite as often. Nevertheless, for small jobs it is an excellent alternative. All of our paving breakers use standard 1-1/8" hex paving breaker bits and come with the universal "Chicago style" 2 lug twist on air couplings.

Air Consumption: 60 - 65 CFM @ 100 PSI
Weight: 70 lbs
Usage: Pavement Up to 4" Thick
Piston Bore and Stroke: 2-1/4" Diameter x 4-1/8" Stroke
Performance: 1680 Blows Per Minute
Bit Size: 1-1/8" x 6" Hex

4 Hours
4 Weeks

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