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Flaky Jake Cutters
for Concrete Floor Grinder





flaky jakes

The Flaky Jake cutters are one of the cutting heads that can be used for the Edco concrete floor grinder. Flaky Jake cutters are solid carbide cutters that are designed to chip away a heavy coating rather than grind down through the surface of it. Once the cutters slice their way down through the coating they work much like a plow or scraper blade by attacking the coating from the side and breaking it off in chips rather than gradually sanding away through the coating.


  • Removing mastics
  • Removing heavy paint coatings
  • Removing ice
  • Removing any heavy industrial buildup

The cutters work by attacking the coating from the side and chipping it off, so they don't perform well on thin or light coatings. For removing lighter coatings it's better to grind them off rather than chip. Regular grinding stones can do this but our DymaSerts are another option for this type of removal.

The two-head grinder is excellent for removing surface coatings such as heavy paint accumulations, drywall mud splatter, buildups of printing press ink or machine tool oil, or anything that is just too much to be sanded. It can also be used to grind the surface of the concrete, although if you have a much to do our 9" Turbo Concrete Grinder is a better choice. Please use your "back" button to return to the Concrete Floor Grinder page.

Set of 6 (Applied 3 to a wheel)
Rotatable cutter edges per cutter: 8


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