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Turbo Lite 9" Concrete Grinder

Turbo Grinder Folded


Turbo Grinder

The EDCO 9" Turbo Lite Grinder is a high speed grinder that is both lightweight and powerful, capable of removing hundreds of square feet per hour and is probably our most versatile concrete grinder. At 1,690 RPM this grinder can remove high spots, remove paint lines or be used as a surface prep tool to remove coatings from concrete floors and is capable of operating in compact areas. The unit weighs 89 lbs. and has a foldable handle so loading this machine into smaller vans, SUVs and even large car trunks is not a problem. Grinding concrete or coatings creates a lot of dust so the turbo grinder is equipped with a 2" vacuum port on the rear of the machine where a dust collector can be connected. The 1-1/2 HP motor will operate on a 20 amp 120 volt circuit and utilizes the Magna-Trap system of grinding tools to service many different operations.

Magna-Trap Disks Dust Removal Port

The Turbo Grinder takes a number of different attachments, which are not included in the machine's rental rate. A set of three tools is applied to the Magna-Trap tool holders on the bottom of the disk. Various attachments are available to suit different tasks.

The Double Dyma-Dot Tools utilize round diamond pucks that remove epoxies, thinset, mastics, paint, etc. and leave a level surface without any gouging. They will leave the smoothest possible finish on your concrete floor.

The Dyma-Seg Tools utilize rectangular aggressive diamond segments, similar to a typical diamond grinding disk. They are more aggressive in removing surface coatings, especially abrasive coatings, and can also be used to remove concrete. They will leave a smooth concrete surface with a medium amount of scratches on the surface.

The Dyma-PCD Tools utilize carbide bits backed by diamond segments. The carbide bits aggressively remove hard and thick coatings such as epoxy or waterproof membranes. The diamond backing segment prevents the PCD carbide bits from digging in and gouging the concrete, resulting in a smooth surface with medium amounts of scratches. These are not used to grind down concrete.

In addition to the Turbo Grinder we also have available the following concrete grinders:

Click Here for the Turbo Grinder Owner's Manual

Height: 41"
Overall Width: 16.5" Working Width: 9"
Weight: 89 Lbs.
Horsepower: 1-1/2
Amps: 15 (Requires 20 amp circuit)

4 Weeks

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