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100 lb. Sandblaster







Our 100 lb sandblaster is from the Canned Sand division of US Filter. The sandblaster features a pressurized pot capable of holding up to 100 lbs of sand (1 bag). A 3/4" ID sand hose is included that is 25' long. The 1/4" tungsten carbide nozzle requires a minimum of 100 CFM to run so our 180 CFM diesel air compressors are generally used to run this blaster. The unit does not come with remote deadman controls and is designed for homeowner use. There are manually operated pressure and exhaust valves so it would be handy to have an assistant nearby.

The difference between pressurized pot blasters and siphon feed blasters is significant. Siphon fed blasters are typically used in home garage use and suck the sand out of the pot. They do not hit very hard and blasting with them is a time consuming operation. The advantage to them is they can get by with smaller air compressors and are more affordable for consumer use. Pressure fed pots, on the other hand, utilize air pressure to pressurize the pot, forcing the sand into the air discharge path. This gives a much better blasting job. All pressure pots are equal in intensity of impact. The main difference between our 100 lb pot and 350 lb pot is that the 350 lb pot has a larger nozzle diameter than the smaller pot. This means you will get more work done in less time with the larger pot. You'll also spend less time reloading the pot because it won't run out of sand as often. Nevertheless, for smaller jobs the convenience of the 100 lb pot may be desirable.

You will need proper safety gear to operate this unit. Sanding moving at 100 PSI easily takes rust and paint off of steel so you can imagine what it'll do to the human body. This sandblaster does come with a ricochet helmet but if you want something nicer our Air Fed Helmet Assembly can be rented. You will also need protective gloves and you'll not want to be wearing short sleeves or have your ankles exposed when operating this unit. Also be sure to use only silica sand in this unit. Silica sand is a hardened sand that gives good blasting performance and will not absorb moisture. The fine grade is generally used but the coarse silica sand can be used if you don't want a smoother finish. Do not use beach sand or mason sand or else it will absorb moisture and clog up the unit. This unit is not that heavy so one person can handle it. The hose removes with quick disconnect fittings for ease in handling.

This unit is great for removing rust or paint from truck frames or other heavy steel. It does not work well on thin sheet metal though because the impact of the sand expands the steel and the sheet metal will buckle and have ripples. It works well on rocker panels and other molded or preformed parts - just not on the big flat surfaces. It can also be used on masonry but it will not leave a real smooth finish. Sandblasting tends to eat out softer areas first so you will remove the soft areas around aggregate and not take down the aggregate so you will have a textured finish. The same holds true for wood. Sandblasting exposes the grain of the wood because it tends to blast through the softer between-the-grain areas first. Of course, if you want a rough sawn look this can be an advantage. Otherwise you may be better served with our water sandblaster. For further help to find out if sandblasting is the best choice for your application please feel free to contact us and we'll be glad to help.

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Body Shops - Truck and Trailer Frame Repainting - Tractor and Implement Repainting - Building Restoration - Reclaiming Rusted Structural Steel - Industrial Maintenance Work - Ornamental Iron Restoration

Sand Capacity: 100 Lbs.
Nozzle Size: 1/4"   (Tungsten Carbide Venturi)
Minimum Air Supply: 100 CFM at 100 PSI
Weight: 80 lbs.  (Empty Pot - Hoses are extra)

4 Weeks

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