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Dyma-Seg Tooling
for Turbo Concrete Grinder






The Dyma-Seg tooling consists of a set of 3 grinding heads that fit the Magna-Trap mounting system on our EDCO Turbo Grinder. Each tool has a pair of rectangular diamond segments that are used to well suited for removing coatings such as epoxies, paint, thinset, mastics, etc. They will leave a level surface and can also be used to level off high spots or grind down concrete. This tooling leaves a medium amount of scratches, which isn't bad but not as smooth as the Dyma-Dots.


  • Medium grinding of concrete
  • Repairing surface damage to concrete slabs
  • Removing urethane or epoxy thin-coats
  • Removing thin mastics and thin-set
  • Leveling high spots

For a smoother finish consider using our Dyma-Dot Diamond Tooling. The Dyma-Dots do not work as fast as the Dyma-Segs nor are they best suited for heavier grinding of concrete but they will leave the smoothest possible finish.

For thicker coatings that are more brittle it's preferable to chip them off rather than grind them from the top down. This will yield better results and save considerable time. Our Dyma-PCD Carbide Tooling is the best choice for this type of work. Note that for thinner coatings chipping doesn't work and you'll be best served with the Dyma-Dot tooling.

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