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Cat 239D Track Loader





Cat 239D

Our Cat 239D track loader is truly the "Catilac" of compact trackloaders. With Caterpillar's legendary reputation for quality and performance this machine outperforms other loaders while delivering a level of operator comfort second to none. This tracked loader can go places no rubber tired skid steer can with its 15.7" wide tracks it creates a ground pressure of only 4.4 PSI so that it floats over soft soil instead of digging in, causing ruts and getting stuck. A 67 HP Cat diesel engine provides plenty of torque and horsepower and the high flow hydraulics can run a wide range of attachments. The 239D has torsion bar suspension to make for easier digging and a smoother ride for the operator so that they can operate all day without fatigue. The twin joystick design integrates piloted hydraulics with Cat's advanaced D series electronics so that anyone can quickly learn how to operate the 239D with ease and productivity. With a 7 MPH ground speed and 2,185 lb. lifting capacity you can make quick work of any project. The hydraulic quick attachment system allows the operator to switch between attachments without ever leaving the seat.

But we didn't stop there. Our loaders have the ultimate in operator comforts. The fully enclosed cab is both heated and air conditioned so you can comortably operate the machine in any climate. Windshield wiper and washer as well as an air-suspension heated seat make this an excellent machine for snow removal. A radio is equipped with USB and Bluetooth to interface with smart phones or USB jump drive media. In addition to an in-cab wide view mirror, a rear camera comes on automatically whenever the machine is reversed. This camera image is displayed on a color screen in the cab which also display engine monitoring instrumentation as well as a number of operating environment parameters.

The Caterpillar 239D includes a flatbed trailer and requires either a pintle hook or 2" trailer ball with 1" shank. It can be pulled behind a 3/4 ton pickup truck with a class 3 frame mounted hitch and a trailer light hookup. The weight of this machine precludes any use of 1/2 ton or smaller trucks for towing. If you are operating on a paved surface, such as a concrete lot or slab, then your best choice would be a rubber tired skid steer loader such as our Caterpillar 242 Skid Steer.

Many attachments are available and use the industry standard quick disconnect mounting plates. For more information on these, click on the following links:

Toothed Bucket

Pallet Forks

Power Post Hole Auger

Hydraulic Breaker

Hydraulic Brush Mower

Hydraulic Landscape Rake

239d dimensions

239d dimensions

Click Here for larger, easier to read dimensions and complete specifications

Digging for Concrete Work - Concrete Removal - Landscaping - Post Hole Drilling - Snow Removal

Operating Capacity: 2,185 lbs.
Tipping Load: 4,100 lbs.
Breakout Force: 3,969 lbs.
67 HP Caterpillar Water Cooled Diesel Engine
Bucket Width:     68"
Overall Height     80"
Fuel Tank Capacity:     15 Gallons
Operating Weight: About 7,900 lbs. as equipped

4 Hours
4 Weeks

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