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Hydraulic Brush Mower
for Cat Skid Steer
or Track Loader

Cat 239D


mower deck

The hydraulic brush mower attachment fits skid steer or track loaders. But we do recommend the track loader over a skid steer because skid steers tend to sink in and leave large ruts in the grass while tracks allow the machine to float over the surface and do a much better job of mowing. The mower utilizes the industry standard quick-attach mounting system. It features a high torque hydraulic motor that runs a 60" rotary blade deck of cutting brush and small saplings up to 2" in diameter! The balanced stump jumper feature means it will mow down most anything in it's path without stalling. The unit is equipped with flat face hydraulic couplers that fit most loaders, although the Bobcat brand generally has the male and female couplers reversed and that won't allow full flow to the hydraulic motor.

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Large fields, clearing trails, etc.

Mower Deck Width: 60"
Maximum Brush Diameter: 2"
Weight: 875 lbs.

4 Weeks

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