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Harley Box Rake
for Mini Skid Steer Loader






box rake

The Harley Power Box Rake attachment is the ideal lawn prep tool and does the work of 4 separate attachments. It will grade, level, rake and remove debris, and pulverize and prepare the seedbed - all in one pass! You can do more work in one hour with the Harley than you can all day with separate attachments! The carbide roller will pulverize your soil to make a soft seedbed. Any rocks or other debris will windrow off to the side or pushed ahead to a pile in the same pass. The box rake can also be used to back drag to redistribute soil and the unit will also remove old turf and weeds. It can be set for a few inches of penetration or be run as a skim pass if desired.

The Mini Skid allows you to get into tight areas with ease but if you have a larger area you may want to consider renting a Full Size Cat Skid Steer or our Cat Compact Track Loader with our Hydraulic Landscape Rake. This 74" wide rock hound does the same soil preparation as the Harley Box Rake but is much wider, cutting your work time in half. It also picks up the rocks and debris, placing it in the hopper that can easily be hydraulically dumped so that you don't have to go scoop up your windrow piles.

The powerful hydraulic power of the Mini Skid Steer powers the 48" wide carbide roller to prep seedbeds the fast and easy way. The Ditch Witch SK500 mini skid steer loader is very maneuverable and the rubber tracks allows the machine to float over the work area with minimal impact upon the finished seed bed. The Harley box rake is just one of many quick release attachments, such as our Hydraulic Breaker or Post Hole Auger and the bucket always goes out with the machine so you can easily handle standard tasks such as lifting or moving materials.

The S925TX mini skid steer includes a flatbed trailer and requires a 2" trailer ball to transport it. It can be pulled behind most trucks and SUVs with a frame mounted hitch and a trailer light hookup. For further information about other attachments for the SK500 mini skid steer please click on the following links:

Mini Skid loader with Bucket

Post Hole Auger

Pallet Forks

before    harley    after
Before                                                                                                         After

Trench Restoration - Landscaping and Lawn Prep for Reseeding

Carbide Roller Width:  48"
24 HP Honda Gasoline Engine driving 12 GPM Hydraulic Pump
Max Angle of Rake:  20 Degrees (Left or Right Swing)
Attachment Weight:   485 lbs

4 Hours
4 Weeks

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