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35 lb. Electric Concrete Breaker

Bosch 11335K
35 Lb. Breaker

Our Bosch 35 Lb. Electric Concrete Breaker is an electric breaker that utilizes standard 1-1/8" x 6" hex shank concrete bits. It's not designed for breaking up 4" slabs. For that task our 60 lb. Electric Breaker is a much better choice. However, the 60 lb. breaker can be difficult to handle when working on a wall or other vertical surface and this 35 lb. breaker is a better choice for that and is a big step up over our 15 lb. electric chipping hammer. Its ease in handling and respectable power make it a great compromise

In addition, this is the perfect tool for installing Diamond Piers, which are a popular time and effort saving option instead of drilling post holes and filling Sonotubes with concrete to use as footings. The lighter weight of the 35 lb. hammer makes it easier to start driving the long ground rods when they start 4' up in the air.

Bits are extra with this tool and you can choose from Concrete Bits or a Diamond Pier rod driver bit.

Weight: 38 Lbs.
Recommended Use: Breaking Concrete, Installing Diamond Piers
Bits Used: Standard 1-1/8" Hex Air Hammer Bits
Power Requirements: 20-amp Breaker  -  120 Volts
Overall Length: 30"
Impact Energy: 22 ft./lbs.
Blows Per Minute: 1,300

4 Hours
4 Weeks

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